Why ICIS Highlighted Biosurfactant Technology from Locus FS in the World Surfactants Awards

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A technology breakthrough is making it possible to cost-effectively reduce worldwide chemical surfactant reliance for the first time. Production methods developed by Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS) are driving a global shift to the use of high-performing biosurfactants customized to directly replace surfactants in key global industries—with a 37% lower carbon footprint.

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Surfactant Market Update

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Locus Performance Ingredients launched on July 21, 2020 amid the pandemic. Company executives note that it has had an impact on laboratory uptime to a modest degree, as Locus adheres to rigorous cleaning and laboratory management practices, but there’s been no dislocations in our supply chain from vendors.

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Locus PI_Ferma Launch

Locus Performance Ingredients™ Launches Ferma™ Line of Sophorolipids (INCI: Glycolipids) to Replace Chemical Surfactants in Personal Care Formulations

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Locus Performance Ingredients™ is launching its first product line to replace petrochemical surfactants in personal care formulations.
Branded as Ferma™, the pure Sophorolipid series of biosurfactants provide safer and more sustainable ingredient options with 5-25 times better performance—enabling lower usage rates and reducing carbon footprint by a minimum of 37%.

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