Maximize Product Performance
and Stability

Introducing Amphi™ S for Industrial Applications

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Give your product formulations the edge they need with top-performing and highly stable biosurfactant ingredients that offer better safety and sustainability. Amphi™ S biosurfactants are customized to your applications for maximum results in brake cleaners, metal working fluids, lubricants, washes, and more.

A Multifunctional Replacement with Ultimate Stability

Amphi™ S solutions are multifunctional Glycolipid-class biosurfactants. They have a broad range of benefits allowing them to replace petrochemical surfactants and other formulation components. By enhancing the solubility of complex additives, they can reduce or eliminate the need for volatile solvents without compromising stability or flow characteristics of a performance formulation. Amphi™ S ingredients retain their efficacy under extreme conditions, including high salt concentrations, most pHs and high temperatures.


Better Sustainability

  • 100% bio-based, GMO-free and nonvolatile
  • Free of all trace chemicals, including palm oil, 1,4-Dioxane free, Ethylene Oxide, Proposition 65 and Formaldehyde

Better Performance

  • Strong wetting performance
  • Aids in dispersion

Eliminate harmful chemicals with better solutions offering fast wetting times and low cost in use.

Build A Customized Solution in Two Simple Steps:


Select an HLB Range

Amphi S  solutions are produced using pure sophorolipids (SLP), which work in many nonionic and ionic applications. Formulations are offered in low or high HLB tailored to specific applications.

  • High HLB = High Foam

  • Low HLB = No or Low Foam

Locus PI_HLB Scales_sophorolipids_Formulations


Contact us for current formulations or to customize your own.

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