Home care and I & I

Maximize Performance and Sustainability While Simplifying Your Formula

Introducing Amphi™ S for Home Care and I & I Applications

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Excel in sustainability without sacrificing product performance by replacing current product ingredients with Amphi™ S biosurfactant solutions. Each ingredient is customized to your application for superior results in household cleaning products and consumer packaged goods.

Simplify Your Label


  • Effective as primary and/or secondary surfactants
  • Multifunctionality promotes substitution for more than one ingredient

Boost Performance


  • Strong wetting capabilities
  • Excellent soil removal for dirt, grime, soap scum and food particles

Maximize Stability


  • Retains surfactancy at high salt concentrations, most pHs and temperatures
  • Maintains efficacy even in hard water

Eliminate harmful chemicals with better solutions offering fast wetting times and low cost in use.

Customize Your Formulation in Two Simple Steps:


Choose a Foaming Level and HLB Range

Amphi™ solutions are mainly produced using pure sophorolipids, which work in many nonionic and ionic applications. Formulations are offered in high- or low-foaming solutions and low, high or mid-range HLB to provide desired performance and appearance.

  • High HLB = High Foam
  • Low HLB = No or Low Foam
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Contact us for current formulations or to customize your own.

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