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Going Sulfate-Free: The safer, milder alternative

Going Sulfate-Free

Sulfates. It’s a term you probably hear often. Sulfates are surfactant ingredients commonly found in personal care formulations with great foaming and cleansing abilities. So, what’s the problem? These ingredients can cause more harm than good, especially to skin. The good news? There are clean ingredient options that can outperform and replace them. Let’s delve further in…

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1,4-Dioxane: The Secret Toxin Hidden in Personal Care Products 


Consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about which ingredients to avoid in cosmetics and personal care formulations. 
But there’s a hidden catch…toxic chemicals can exist in a product formulation without being listed on the ingredient list. Some of the most harmful toxins are trace impurities that come from essential ingredients.1,4-Dioxane is one such culprit.  

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Why ICIS Highlighted Biosurfactant Technology from Locus FS in the World Surfactants Awards

A technology breakthrough is making it possible to cost-effectively reduce worldwide chemical surfactant reliance for the first time. Production methods developed by Locus Fermentation Solutions (Locus FS) are driving a global shift to the use of high-performing biosurfactants customized to directly replace surfactants in key global industries—with a 37% lower carbon footprint.

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Surfactant Market Update

Locus Performance Ingredients launched on July 21, 2020 amid the pandemic. Company executives note that it has had an impact on laboratory uptime to a modest degree, as Locus adheres to rigorous cleaning and laboratory management practices, but there’s been no dislocations in our supply chain from vendors.

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Hit the “Niche of Success” in Personal Care Formulation

"Niche of Success” in Personal Care Formulations

What is most interesting is how the forces in each of the 3 spheres of influence have gotten stronger over the past ten years. Further, over time the “niche of success” is getting harder to hit.  However, just like hitting the bullseye awards the dart thrower more points, hitting the “niche of success” rewards the ingredient supplier, formulator, personal care brand and consumer. 

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